AI-Ready React Native Template for Mobile and Web Apps

Accelerate your mobile app development with a Rust-integrated React Native template, saving months of architecture work while ensuring high performance and security.

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Dev, Staging & Prod separation

Keep your development, staging, and production environments separate to ensure high-quality code.

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Storybook Integration

Test and develop your UI components in isolation, with ease.

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Efficiently retrieve and mutate data from multiple sources with GraphQL BFF (Backend For Frontend) pattern for streamlined frontend development.

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Fully Testable

Automate and schedule your tests with ease, ensuring high-quality code.

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Native Modules Integration

Access platform-specific functionality and improve your app's performance.

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Typescript Support

Take advantage of the powerful typed superset of JavaScript to catch errors and write maintainable code.

Stable React Native 0.71+

Build your app with the latest features and improvements of React Native.

Build Pipelines

Automate your build pipeline, streamline your deployment process and improve your development workflow.

Web Support

With React Native Web, developers can now build web applications that can share the same codebase as their mobile app, allowing for faster development and easier maintenance.

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